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Holtville City Council

Three seats are available on the Holtville City Council. The incumbents, Mayor James Predmore, Virginia Ward, and appointed council member Michael Pacheco, face political newcomer Murray Anderson. Predmore and Ward did not provide profiles to the Holtville Tribune.

Murray Anderson

Name: Murray Anderson

Age: 51

City of residence: Holtville

Family: Married 24 years to wife, Candy. One daughter, Orian, 17

Current employment: Employed at AccentCare Home Health in El Centro as a home health coordinator.

Political experience: First foray into the political world

Employment history: Home health coordinator at AccentCare since 2015. Marketing and communications at Rabobank from 2008-2015

Affiliations: Holtville High School Green & Gold Hall of Fame Committee member since 2007.

John Kirchenbauer Memorial Golf Tournament coordinator since 2007.

Holtville High School girls’ basketball coach since 2014.

Holtville High School site council member since 2020.

Holtville girls’ basketball camp director since 2016.

Education: Holtville High School graduate 1987

California State University, Fullerton – bachelor’s in communications, 1992

Reasons for running/top issues:

This is my hometown. I grew up here, went to school here and made lifelong friends here. I care about this town and want the best for Holtville. Without change, or challenge, a council or board can become stagnant and there hasn’t been a challenge to the council in eight years.

I see the path the current council is traveling and while I like some of the direction it has taken, there are some things I don’t necessarily agree with. Commercial and residential growth go hand-in-hand. I was delighted to see the new housing development on the northeast corner of town be so successful with beautifully completed homes.

But I don’t want Holtville to become the apartment capital of the Imperial Valley. We have a new apartment complex going up now and another slated to begin once this one is completed. We need to reassess what impact this will have on our public safety offices before moving forward.

As for commercial growth, I’m all for it as long as it’s done for the right reasons with long-term success as the ultimate goal. Vacant, run-down buildings are just havens for trouble.

Collaboration with the schools is another priority. Whether it be using the high school or new middle school gym for city programs or working together with the schools to host citywide events, we can come together to provide an even better quality of life for our residents.

Ultimately, I want to help Holtville continue to be the wonderful place to raise a family it has been for many decades. 

Michael A. Pacheco

Name: Michael A. Pacheco

Age: 61

City of residence: Holtville

Family): Wife, Cindy, and daughter, Alexis

Current employment: Water manager for Imperial Irrigation District

Political experience: Appointed to Holtville City Council in April 2019

Employment history (last 10 years): Imperial Irrigation District since 1980

Other affiliations/memberships/board positions: Holtville Planning Commission, 2018; former Imperial County Sheriff’s Posse member; former Holtville Little League committee member.

Education: Holtville High School 1977 graduate; Imperial Valley Collge business courses

Reasons for running and top issues: My 40-year career in customer service and public relations has equipped me with an array of insights and skills that I believe will prove valuable at the City Council table. Having the opportunity to serve the City of Holtville will be a way for me to give back and return the generosity that the community has given to me and my family for many years. As a city, we need to protect our precious resources: our citizens and infrastructure. I am committed to maintaining a balanced budget and remaining fiscally sound. Given our challenges regarding Holtville’s size, location, and limited sales tax base, living within our means must be our highest priority. The impact of COVID-19 has affected everyone. Local businesses remaining semi-closed for an extended period of time, due to COVID-19, is not sustainable. As you can see, my priorities lie in serving the public and working toward our shared goals for Holtville.