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The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Brawley office is shown at 204 S. Imperial Ave. in Brawley. | COURTESY IMAGE

Brawley Chamber Rebrands as Efforts to Evolve Continue

BRAWLEY — In a business world where growth and change are the only certain thing, being able to adapt and evolve is necessary to flourish. Over the unprecedented past year, the Brawley Chamber of Commerce has pivoted and grown to embrace its true purpose of being a convener, catalyst, and champion, according to a recent press release.

Through this 3C model, the Brawley Chamber of Commerce has achieved success and created a powerful voice to represent the business community. Now, as it navigates into another unprecedented year, the Chamber is ready to evolve again with strength and dignity, a Feb. 24 press release states.

The Chamber is proud to announce that it is re-branding the Brawley Chamber of Commerce as The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Brawley. 


As The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Brawley, programs will remain strong and viable bringing confidence that their efforts and resources will continue to shift and evolve to ensure continuous positive impacts in businesses and communities it serves, according to the release.

“This is an exciting and innovative time for the Chamber, and I couldn’t be prouder of the staff for thriving in the midst of a pandemic. Building on the 3C model, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Brawley is positioning to better serve members and continue to grow businesses of all sizes and industries” Dr. Kathleen Lang, president, stated in the release.

“As this evolution continues, we can all be confident that the Chamber will continue to flourish, with a focus on business prosperity and building a thriving community, using innovation as a guiding light,” Lang continued.

In addition to the name change, new branding efforts will also include updating the Chamber logo for a fresh visual identity. The color green was chosen to represent the growth and vitality of the community and the color gray was added to represent the balance.

As part of the new color scheme, The Chamber of Commerce also chose to incorporate a symbolic wheat plant into the logo, which represents abundance and rebirth. 

As technology continues to advance, The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Brawley understands that to stay relevant, it must find ways to be innovative and leading the curve. This means the Chamber website is also undergoing a makeover and should be ready to launch in the next couple weeks. The new website will offer new accessible features and will be easier to navigate for both members and visitors.

Looking forward, The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Brawley will continue to be a Convener for leaders, a Catalyst for business growth, and a Champion in our community.