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Holtville High School sophomore Skylar Hanson (left) launches off the platform against Imperial swimmers during the Vikings’ Imperial Valley League swim meet against Imperial on Thursday, March 4, at the El Centro Aquatics Center. | CATHI PHILLIPS LARIOS PHOTO

Imperial High Dominates Opening IVL Swim Meet

EL CENTRO — The Imperial High School swim team easily scored a tri-meet victory over Holtville and Calipatria on Thursday, March 4, at the new Aquatics Center in El Centro.

The Tigers had plenty of swimmers in the boys’ and girls’ races, while Calipatria had limited numbers in both and Holtville only fielded swimmers in the girls’ races.

Holtville High School sophomore Alyssa Enriquez pushes off the wall during the Vikings’ swim meet against Imperial on Thursday, March 4, at the El Centro Aquatics Center. CATHI PHILLIPS LARIOS PHOTO

Team scores saw Imperial’s girls’ team beat Holtville, 107-48, and Calipatria, 113-34. Holtville’s girls’ team beat Calipatria, 87-43. On the boys’ side, Imperial beat Holtville, 107-0, and beat the Hornets, 107-6. Calipatria beat Holtville, 20-0.

Imperial’s Cheney Gomez had a banner day, earning four wins. She finished on top of the girls’ 50-yard freestyle, 100-yard butterfly, 200-yard freestyle relay, and 200-yard medley relay.

Results from the girls’ races were:

200-yard medley relay: Imperial (Alyssa Luna, Emily Phillips, Cheney Gomez, and Monze Landeros) 2:23.07. Holtville (Melany Lopez, Bella Fusi, Audrey Lucero, and Skylar Hanson) 2:27.90. Imperial (Elizabeth Vasquez, Haleigh Townsel, Valeria Ramos, Haidyn Ellison) 2:29.04.

200-yard freestyle relay: Imperial (Cheney Gomez, Alyssa Luna, Monze Landeron, Haidyn Ellison) 2:03.99. Imperial (Emily Phillips, Haleigh Townsel, Megan Currie, Elizabeth Velasquez) 2:10.97. Holtville (Skylar Hanson, Melany Lopez, Alyssa Enriquez, Audrey Lucero) 2:11.00.

400-yard freestyle relay: Calipatria (Audrey Zendejas, Zimri Ramirez, Sierra Siaza, Isabel Regalado) 6:18.94. Holtville (Alyssa Enriquez, Abby Garewal, Jasmine Garewal, Kathryn Self) 6:22.58. Imperial (Jaiden Soto, Samantha Nix, Patricia Dagales, Nikki Marshal) 6:36.84.

200-yard freestyle: Isabel Regalado, Calipatria, 2:57.58. Elizabeth Velasquez, Imperial, 3:05.00. Audrina Flores, Imperial, 3:27.82.

200-yard individual medley: Audrey Zendejas, Calipatria, 2:56.26. Bella Fusi, Holtville, 3:02.25.

50-yard freestyle: Cheney Gomez, Imperial, 29.32. Monze Landeros, Imperial, 31.06. Melany Lopez, Holtville, 33.41.

100-yard butterfly: Cheney Gomez, Imperial, 1:17.95. Skylar Hanson, Holtville, 1:18.62. Monze Landeros, Imperial, 1:29.82.

100-yard freestyle: Haidyn Ellison, Imperial, 1:11.55. Alyssa Enriquez, Holtville, 1:16.68. Megan Currie, Imperial, 1:17.63.

500-yard freestyle: Audrey Lucero, Holtville, 8:07.22. Kelsi Vanderwiel, Imperial, 9:09.67. Aileen Flores, Imperial, 9:19.35.

100-yard backstroke: Alyssa Luna, Imperial, 1:27.38. Elizabeth Velasquez, Imperial, 1:36.15. Valeria Ramos, Imperial, 1:43.05.

100-yard breaststroke: Haidyn Ellison, Imperial, 1:28.26. Haleigh Townsel, Imperial, 1:35.18. Skylar Hanson, Holtville, 1:37.35.

Results from the boys’ races were:

200-yard medley relay: Imperial (Joshua Key, Bobby Fuller, Manuel Ramirez, Mustafa Karakoc) 1:58.89. Imperial (Brady Mead, Phillip Minnick, Trent Cox, Spencer Ellison) 2:17.03.

200-yard freestyle relay: Imperial (Trent Cox, Phillip Minnick, Spencer Ellison, Brady Mead) 1:53.80. Imperial (Manuel Ramirez, Bobby Fuller, Joshua Key, Mustafa Karakoc) 2:10.08.

200-yard freestyle: Mustafa Karakoc, Imperial, 3:05.14. Joshua Key, Imperial, 3:56.97. Bobby Fuller, Imperial, 4:03.41.

200-yard individual medley: Spencer Ellison, Imperial, 3:01.49.

50-yard freestyle: Trent Cox, Imperial, 26.27. Brady Mead, Imperial, 28.82. Phillip Minnick, Imperial, 29.45.

100-yard butterfly: Bobby Fuller, Imperial, 1:41.62.

100-yard freestyle: Manuel Ramirez, Imperial, 1:07.95. Cooper Griffith, Imperial, 1:20.52. Elijah Alvarado, Imperial, 1:29.94.

500-yard freestyle: Sean Ormand, Imperial, 9:36.09.

100-yard backstroke: Spencer Ellison, Imperial, 1:33.79. Joshua Key, Imperial, 1:43.80. Elijah Alvarado, Imperial, 1:53.65.

100-yard breaststroke: Trent Cox, Imperial, 1:20.05. Phillip Minnick, Imperial, 1:32.31. Brady Mead, Imperial, 1:33.48.