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Alan Phillips, California Mid-Winter Fair & Fiesta/I.V. Fairgrounds CEO

LETTER: Fair CEO Gives Thanks for COVID-altered Livestock Event

We have just completed four days of our livestock judging competition. We had 230 exhibitors who brought their market animals and had the opportunity to show those projects in front of a live judge. The show was like no other show we’ve done before, and it took a lot of people coming together to make this a successful event for our youth.

I’d like to thank Elms Equipment, Alford Distributing, the California Mid-Winter Fair Heritage Foundation and the Junior Fair Board and their advisers for their support for this show. A big thank you to Holtville FFA who made the grand champion and reserve champion awards which were handed out during the show. 

I’d also like to thank all of the livestock leaders and community members who have been participating in meetings over the last few months for helping us plan this event. It took a lot of work and effort on everybody’s part to ensure the success of this event under the guidelines we were given by the County Health Department.

This also extends to all of the leaders who have been working with exhibitors over the last few months helping them with raising and showing a livestock project.

I’d like to commend the exhibitors and their parents for choosing to raise a livestock project during these crazy times. It would have been very easy to skip this year with the uncertainty of whether we would be able to have a normal fair in 2021, or whether we would be able to do anything, yet they chose to participate.

Through it all, seeing our youth have the opportunity to actually be involved in something and have some semblance of normalcy was truly heartwarming.

We would like to invite businesses and community members to visit the add-on site where they can financially contribute to the exhibitors who have participated in our grading show.  Information can be found on our website at ivfairgrounds.com.

Alan Phillips is the chief executive officer of the Imperial Valley Fairgrounds and California Mid-Winter Fair & Fiesta manager.