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Holtville High School freshman Jasmine Garewal swims to the wall during the Vikings’ Imperial Valley League tri-meet against Calipatria and Central Union in Calipatria on Tuesday, March 9. | COURTESY PHOTO

Central Swim Sweeps Through IVL Tri-Meet

CALIPATRIA — Central Union High School’s swim team battled blustery conditions and defeated both Calipatria and Holtville in an Imperial Valley League tri-meet held here on Tuesday, March 9.

The Spartans’ boys’ team defeated Holtville, 128-0, and beat Calipatria, 128-4. Central’s girls’ team swam to a 110-51 win over the Vikings, and defeated the Hornets, 131-23.

In the third round of the tri-meet, Calipatria’s boys’ team beat Holtville, 12-0, and the Vikings’ girls’ squad defeated the Hornets, 82-40.

Results from the girls’ races were:

200-yard medley relay: Central (Kayle Rosales, Adisyn Duarte, Stephanie Lopez, Alessandra Iduarte) 2:23.48. Central (Victoria Jimenez, Hayley Licea, Claryssa Apodaca, Savannah Kennedy) 2:33.95. Holtville (Melany Lopez, Bella Fusi, Audrey Lucero, Skylar Hanson) 2:34.00.

200-yard freestyle relay: Holtville (Skylar Hanson, Melany Lopez, Alyssa Enriquez, Audrey Lucero) 2:11.54. Central (Laryssa DeLaCruz, Savannah Kennedy, Hayley Licea, Victoria Jimenez) 2:12.77. Central (Gisselle Mendoza, Vivian Alvarez, Mia Iduarte, Claryssa Apodaca) 2:17.87.

400-yard freestyle relay: Central (Alessandra Iduarte, Kayle Rosales, Stephanie Lopez, Adisyn Duarte) 4:43.63. Calipatria (Audrey Zendejas, Zimri Ramirez, Sierra Siaza, Isabel Regalado) 6:04.63. Holtville (Alyssa Enriquez, Abby Garewal, Jasmine Garewal, Kathryn Self) 6:24.25.

200-yard freestyle: Alessandra Iduarte, Central, 2:29.14. Isabel Regalado, Calipatria, 2:46.50. Stephanie Lopez, Central, 2:57.82.

200-yard individual medley: Skylar Hanson, Holtville, 2:56.45. Victoria Jimenez, Central, 3:00.30. Mia Iduarte, Central, 3:12.34.

50-yard freestyle: Hayley Licea, Central, 33.34. Bella Fusi, Holtville 34.17. Larysa DeLaCruz, Central, 35.96.

100-yard butterfly: Adisyn Duarte, Central, 1:11.12. Hayley Licea, Central, 1:33.66. Savannah Kennedy, Central, 1:42.26.

100-yard freestyle: Skylar Hanson, Holtville, 1:06.62. Kayle Rosales, Central, 1:07.66. Claryssa Apodaca, Central, 1:10.41.

500-yard freestyle: Alessandra Iduarte, Central, 6:37.37. Victoria Jimenez, Central, 7:19.06. Audrey Lucero, Holtville, 8:08.79.

100-yard backstroke: Gitzelle Tellez, Central, 1:34.18. Kayle Rosales, Central, 1:35.20. Alyssa Enriquez, Holtville, 1:43.75.

100-yard breaststroke: Adisyn Duarte, Central, 1:20.00. Audrey Lucero, Holtville, 1:30.82. Claryssa Apodaca, Central, 1:32.80.

Results from the boys’ races were:

200-yard medley relay: Central (Jose Salazar, Dominic Olague, Trypp Duarte, Travis Davalos) 2:11.35. Central (Jaime Santos, Tristan Murillo, Jacob Pagaza, Diego Gonzales) 2:33.00. Central (Julian Heraz, Jose Rascon, Sebastian Flores, Julian Pagaza) 2:37.39.

200-yard freestyle relay: Central (Jose Salazar, Sebastian Flores, Jose Rascon, Julian Pagaza) 2:11.60.

400-yard freestyle relay: Central (Dominic Olague, Xavier Lopez, Travis Davalos, Trypp Duarte) 4:05.65.

200-yard freestyle: Xavier Lopez, Central, 2:30.62. Jose Salazar, Central, 2:47.76. Julian Pagaza, Central, 3:07.04.

200-yard individual medley: Dominic Olague, Central, 2:39.47. Sebastian Flores, Central, 3:54.33.

50-yard freestyle: Travis Davalos, Central, 27.71. Julian Heraz, Central, 30.81. Jacob Pagaza, Central, 35.85

100-yard butterfly: Trypp Duarte, Central, 1:00.74. Sebastian Flores, Central, 1:49.93

100-yard freestyle: Travis Davalos, Central, 1:02.76. Julian Heraz, Central, 1:11.34. Jose Rascon, Central, 1:14.34.

500-yard freestyle: Xavier Lopez, Central, 7:09.82. Diego Gonzales, Central, 8:16.25, Julian Pagaza, Central, 8:43.69.

100-yard backstroke: Jose Salazar, Central, 1:44.16. Jose Rascon, Central, 1:45.13. Jacob Pagaza, Central, 1:50.69.

100-yard breaststroke: Trypp Duarte, Central, 1:12.28. Dominic Olague, Central, 1:17.16. Tristan Murillo, Central, 1:38.64.