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Calexico High School senior Jenny Ortiz competes in the butterfly during the Bulldogs’ Imperial Valley League dual meet against Brawley Union High at Brawley’s Lions Center Pool on Thursday, March 11. | CAMILO GARCIA JR. PHOTO

Wildcats Sink Bulldogs at IVL Swim Meet

BRAWLEY — The Imperial Valley League swim season opened up for both Brawley and Calexico on a cold, windy day with the Wildcats coming out on top at Brawley’s Lions Center Pool on Thursday, March 11.

The Wildcats’ girls’ team toppled Calexico, 107-56, and the Brawley boys won their dual meet with the Bulldogs, 89-51.

“We might not have been the victors this week, but we will not be discouraged and we will continue doing our best,” said Adan Diaz, Calexico’s swim coach. “There is a lot to still learn and there’s plenty of room for improvement. But this week’s experience has taught us a lot and left us hungry for more.”

Calexico High School’s Nancy Coronel prepares to launch from the platform during the Bulldogs’ Imperial Valley League swim meet against Brawley Union at Brawley’s Lions Center Pool on Thursday, March 11. | CAMILO GARCIA JR. PHOTO

With a second-place finish and two third-place finishes, Calexico’s Maria Licona said she was just happy to be back in the pool competing after so many months without a chance to swim.

“This year has been tough, so I’m very glad to be able to be swimming again. Being able to practice and compete with my teammates has been an amazing feeling that I have missed a lot,” Licona said. “This first meet was a great learning experience and we will grow stronger and faster each day.”

Results from the girls’ races were:

200-yard medley relay: Brawley (Solae Enders, Ellie Hoskins, Cassiana Escalera, Ryan Dickerson) 2:10.23. Brawley (Isabella Halcon, Alex Veysey, Caitlynn Pederson, Jesse Garcia-Cruz) 2:34.38. Calexico (Nancy Coronel, Jenny Ortiz, Mariella Sandoval, Maria Licona) 2:45.00.

200-yard freestyle relay: Brawley (Isabella Halcon, Alex Veysey, Jesse Garcia-Cruz, Caitlynn Pederson) 2:14.78. Calexico (Mari-Lu Hernandez, Prizma Lopez, Jaydeen Gonzalez, Cami Durazo Marquez) 3:09.42. Calexico (Maria Cesena, Camila Garcia, Isabella Calderon, Karen Martinez) 3:14.27.

400-yard freestyle relay: Brawley (Cassiana Escalera, Ryan Dickerson, Ellie Hoskins, Solae Enders) 4:21.41. Calexico (Maria Licona, Jenny Ortiz, Mariella Sandoval, Nancy Coronel) 6:02.68.

200-yard freestyle: Caitlynn Pederson, Brawley, 2:45.96. Isabella Halcon, Brawley, 2:46.57. Maria Licona, Calexico, 3:11.78.  

200-yard individual medley: Cassiana Escalera, Brawley, 2:27.29. Jenny Ortiz, Calexico, 2:33.46. Nancy Coronel, Calexico, 4:18.08.

50-yard freestyle: Solae Enders, Brawley, 28.18. Ryan Dickerson, Brawley, 28.53. Mariella Sandoval, Calexico, 45.39.

100-yard butterfly: Jenny Ortiz, Calexico, 1:14.06. Caitlynn Pederson, Brawley, 1:28.01. Isabella Halcon, Brawley, 1:35.06.

100-yard freestyle: Cassiana Escalera, Brawley, 59.75. Ellie Hoskins, Brawley, 1:08.15. Josy Esquivel, Brawley, 1:29.57.

500-yard freestyle: Ryan Dickerson, Brawley, 6:43.88. Jesse Garcia-Cruz, Brawley, 8:10.60. Maria Licona, Calexico, 8:29.19.

100-yard backstroke: Solae Enders, Brawley, 1:13.19. Mia Loera, Brawley, 1:48.25. Mari-Lu Hernandez, Calexico, 2:08.50.

100-yard breaststroke: Ellie Hoskins, Brawley, 1:27.47. Jesse Garcia-Cruz, Brawley, 1:33.06. Alex Veysey, Brawley, 1:47.88.

Calexico High School’s Gualberto Castro dives into the pool for his relay race against Brawley Union High at Brawley’s Lions Center Pool on Thursday, March 11. | CAMILO GARCIA JR PHOTO

Results from the boys’ races were:

200-yard medley relay: Brawley (C.J. Manuel, Blake Ayala, Richard Torres, David Jay Escalera) 1:58.81. Calexico (Ryan Chang, Ian Aguiar, Sergio Licona, Aldo Madrigal) 2:30.36. Calexico (Bryan Salazar, Josue Aguiniga, Stephen Ferrer, Gualberto Castro) 2:36.29.

200-yard freestyle relay: Brawley (Julio Martin, Brett Berker, Denzel Duenas, Richard Torres) 2:01.79. Calexico (Bryan Salazar, Josue Aguiniga, Gualberto Castro, Stephen Ferrer) 2:14.23.

400-yard freestyle relay: Brawley (C.J. Manuel, Julio Martin, David Jay Escalera, Blake Ayala) 4:16.03. Calexico (Bryan Salazar, Josue Aguiniga, Gualberto Castro, Stephen Ferrer) 5:33.50.

200-yard freestyle: C.J. Manuel, Brawley, 1:53.49. Bryan Salazar, Calexico, 3:37.24.

200-yard individual medley: David Jay Escalera, Brawley, 2:44.11. Ryan Chang, Calexico, 3:12.71.

50-yard freestyle: Blake Ayala, Brawley, 27.42. Richard Torres, Brawley, 28.25. Aldo Madrigal, Calexico, 29.89.

100-yard butterfly: Richard Torres, Brawley, 1:08.11. Josue Aguiniga, Calexico, 1:54.32.

100-yard freestyle: Julio Martin, Brawley, 1:06.38. Denzel Duenas, Brawley, 1:07.83. Sergio Licona, Calexico, 1:12.64.

500-yard freestyle: David Jay Escalera, Brawley, 6:00.72. Stephen Ferrer, Calexico, 7:53.78.

100-yard backstroke: C.J. Manuel, Brawley, 56.74. Ryan Chang, Calexico, 1:32.93. Denzel Duenas, Brawley, 2:02.43.

100-yard breaststroke: Blake Ayala, Brawley, 1:17.25. Julio Martin, Brawley, 1:29.76. Gualberto Castro, Calexico, 1:42.49.