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The coin toss to kickoff this cross-league tilt between the Holtville High Vikings and the Brawley Wildcats at Birger Field in Holtville. | MURRAY ANDERSON PHOTO

LIVE VIDEO: Brawley @ Holtville

The Holtville Vikings football team hosts the Brawley Wildcats at Birger Field

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Starting at 7 p.m., this live cross-league webcast of the Desert League’s Holtville High vs. the Imperial Valley League’s Brawley Union is brought to you by Valley Sports Network (VSN).

The Wildcats and Vikings haven’t tangled since about 2000, and prior to that the two schools hadn’t played since the 1950s, according to Holtville Head Coach Jason Turner.

First Quarter:

0-0 at the end of the first quarter.

Second Quarter:

Holtville 14, Brawley 0.

About 1 minute left in the half.

Holtville 20, Brawley 0.

Brawley scores. Holtville 20, Brawley 7.

HALFTIME: Holtville 20, Brawley 7.

Third Quarter:

Brawley scores, plus the two-point conversion, to make it Holtville 20, Brawley 15.

End of the third quarter, and the score is Vikes 20, Wildcats 15. Twelve minutes to go.

Fourth Quarter:

Holtville High scores again, with a safety, to make it 22-15.

With 1:13 left in the game, the Brawley Wildcats just went up 23-22.

Final score: Brawley Wildcats 23, Holtville Vikings 22.