Holtville Police Briefs: April 6-11

HOLTVILLE — The following reports were collected from the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office call logs for the Holtville substation from April 6 through April 11.


2:09 a.m.: A resident of Eighth Street called deputies to report that a group of three men wearing hoodies had jumped into and then back out of his backyard from the alley.

10:42 a.m.: A Holtville resident called deputies to report that a woman in her 60s, last seen wearing a dark gray shirt and black pants, was trespassing on their property. The caller reported that the woman appeared to be “unstable” and said that she was “afraid the police is going to kill her.”


4:38 p.m.: A Holtville resident called deputies to report that she believes that a sheriff’s deputy has been following her. The caller was informed that deputies regularly patrol the area and enforce the California Vehicle Code.

8 p.m.: Deputies received a report that an unknown subject had impersonated an elderly man’s child and checked them out of a Holtville elder care facility without permission.


4:49 p.m.: A possible sexual assault was reported at the Blossom Valley Inn elder care facility in Holtville.

6:20 p.m.: A Holtville resident called deputies to report that a man wearing a green and white shirt and blue jeans had repeatedly asked her for marijuana even after being told that she didn’t have any marijuana. The subject was last seen walking toward Eighth Street.

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