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Calexico High School senior Jennifer Ortiz swims at the Imperial Valley League championships at the El Centro Aquatics Center on Monday, April 19. | CATHI PHILLIPS LARIOS PHOTO

SWIMMING: Spartans Win Overall at IVL Swim Finals

Brawley’s C.J. Manuel sets meet records in backstroke, individual medley

EL CENTRO — The Central Union High School swim team won the overall title at the Imperial Valley League championship meet at the El Centro Aquatics Center on Monday, April 19.

Holtville High School’s Bella Fusi swims at the Imperial Valley League championships at the El Centro Aquatics Center on Monday, April 19. | CATHI PHILLIPS LARIOS PHOTO

The Spartans finished with a team score of 647, followed by Southwest (562) in second, Brawley (477) in third, Palo Verde of Blythe (251), Imperial (250), Calexico (159), Holtville (109), Calipatria (23), and Vincent Memorial Catholic (2).

On the boys’ side, it was a close battle between the two El Centro schools as Southwest (336) edged Central (333) for the boys’ crown. In third, it was Brawley (211), followed by Palo Verde (205), Calexico (83), Imperial (33), and Holtville (21).

Brawley’s C.J. Manuel was the standout swimmer on the boys’ side, setting two IVL meet records. He set a record in the 100-yard backstroke with a time of 52.32 seconds, besting the previous record of 52.65 seconds set in 2014 by Edgar Murrillo of Vincent Memorial.

Manuel’s other record came in the 200-yard individual medley with a time of 2:01.39, topping the previous record set in 2013 of 2:03.05 by Mario Vasquez of Southwest.

Another IVL record set at the meet came from Central’s Adisyn Duarte who established a 25.58 record in the 50-yard freestyle, topping the 25.84 record set by Cody Franks of Brawley in 2011.

The final IVL record set was from Nathan Ostermann of Southwest with his 1:06.82 time in the 100-yard breaststroke, topping the 1:03.87 time of Rick Pace of Brawley, set in 1999.

Calexico High School senior Aldo Madrigal swims at the Imperial Valley League championships at the El Centro Aquatics Center on Monday, April 19. | CATHI PHILLIPS LARIOS PHOTO

Several CIF-San Diego Section automatic (CIFA) and consideration (CIFC) times were met in both the boys’ and girls’ IVL finals. The automatic times will be eligible to compete in the section championships, while the consideration times will be required to be in the top-32 for relays and top-24 for individual events among all San Diego Section schools to compete in the section championships.

Results from the IVL boys’ finals were:

200-yard medley relay: Southwest (William Lillien, Nathan Ostermann, Landynn Olivas, Luis Colio) 1:46.11 CIFA. Brawley (C.J. Manuel, Blake Ayala, Richard Torres, Jared Carpio) 1:54.89 CIFC. Palo Verde (Cade Chute, Peter Houston, David Velasco, Nathan Jung) 2:05.12 CIFC.

200-yard freestyle relay: Central (Travis Davalos, Jose Salazar, Dominic Olague, Trypp Duarte) 1:40.15 CIFC. Southwest (Victor Moon, Israel Hernandez, Matai Cervantes, Slater Sanders) 1:49.65 CIFC. Palo Verde (Peter Houston, David Velasco, Angel Hernandez, Nathan Jung) 1:49.99 CIFC.

400-yard freestyle relay: Southwest (Luis Colio, William Lillien, Landynn Olivas, Nathan Ostermann) 3:33.02 CIFC. Central (Travis Davalos, Dominic Lerma, Dominic Olague, Trypp Duarte (3:47.90) CIFC. Brawley (C.J. Manuel, Blake Ayala, Davidjay Escalera, Jared Carpio) 3:49.94 CIFC.

200-yard freestyle: Trypp Duarte, Central, 1:50.93 CIFA. Nathan Ostermann, Southwest, 1:51.33 CIFA. Davidjay Escalera, Brawley, 2:10.11.

200-yard individual medley: C.J. Manuel, Brawley, 2:01.39 CIFA. Dominic Olague, Central, 2:32.30. Richard Torres, Brawley, 2:38.87.

50-yard freestyle: Luis Colio, Southwest, 23.96 CIFC. William Lillien, Southwest, 25.31. Travis Davalos, Central, 26.19.

100-yard butterfly: Landynn Olivas, Southwest, 54.26 CIFA. Richard Torres, Brawley, 1:07.41. David Velasco, Palo Verde, 1:11.18.

100-yard freestyle: Trypp Duarte, Central, 49.97 CIFA. Luis Colio, Southwest, 52.46 CIFC. Dominic Olague, Central, 55.87.

500-yard freestyle: Landynn Olivas, Southwest, 5:02.15 CIFA. Davidjay Escalera, Brawley, 5:56.58. Xavier Lopez, Central, 6:28.19.

100-yard backstroke: C.J. Manuel, Brawley, 52.32 CIFA. William Lillien, Southwest, 1:08.07. Devin DeLaGarza, Palo Verde, 1:12.92.

100-yard breaststroke: Nathan Ostermann, Southwest, 1:01.78 CIFA. Blake Ayala, Brawley, 1:14.72. Slater Sanders, Southwest, 1:18.63.

Results from the IVL girls’ finals were:

200-yard medley relay: Brawley (Solae Enders, Ryan Dickerson, Cassiana Escalera, Ellie Hoskins) 2:04.29 CIFC. Southwest (Bianca Prieto, Maddy Lilien, Alex Zaragoza, Anna Hernandez) 2:10.27 CIFC. Imperial (Alyssa Luna, Haidyn Ellison, Cheney Gomez, Emily Phillips) 2:18.20 CIFC. Holtville (Alyssa Enriquez, Audrey Lucio, Skylar Hanson, Bella Fusi) 2:19.37 CIFC.

200-yard freestyle relay: Brawley (Solae Enders, Ryan Dickerson, Ellie Hoskins, Cassiana Escalera) 1:49.86 CIFA. Southwest (Bianca Prieto, Anna Hernandez, Alex Zaragoza, Maddy Lilien) 1:55.09 CIFC. Central (Alessandra Iduarte, Hayley Licea, Victoria Jimenez, Adisyn Duarte) 1:56.72 CIFC. Imperial (Cheney Gomez, Haidyn Ellison, Alyssa Luna, Emily Phillips) 1:58.31 CIFC.

400-yard freestyle relay: Central (Alessandra Iduarte, Hayley Licea, Victoria Jimenez, Adisyn Duarte) 4:24.27 CIFC. Brawley (Jessie Garcia-Cruz, Alex Veysey, Caitlynn Pedersen, Isabella Halcon) 4:59.43. Central (Alexa Gamez Buenrosto, Emily Cuevas, Galilea Serrano, Gitzelle Tellez) 5:21.93.

200-yard freestyle: Maddy Lilien, Southwest, 2:13.52 CIFC. Alessandra Iduarte, Central, 2:24.14. Isabella Halcon, Brawley, 2:34.40.

200-yard individual medley: Jennifer Ortiz, Calexico, 2:31.88 CIFC, Cheney Gomez, Imperial, 2:50.43. Caitlynn Pedersen, Brawley, 2:51.25.

50-yard freestyle: Adisyn Duarte, Central, 25.58 CIFA. Cassiana Escalera, Brawley, 26.51 CIFC. Ellie Hoskins, Brawley, 27.37 CIFC. Solae Enders, Brawley, 27.99 CIFC.

100-yard butterfly: Alex Zaragoza, Southwest, 1:11.00 CIFC. Cheney Gomez, Imperial, 1:18.48. Valeria Ramos, Imperial, 1:22.24.

100-yard freestyle: Maddy Lilien, Southwest, 57.86 CIFC. Solae Enders, Brawley, 59.98 CIFC. Ellie Hoskins, Brawley, 1:02.84.

500-yard freestyle: Jennifer Ortiz, Calexico, 5:57.61 CIFC. Bianca Prieto, Southwest, 6:16.95. Alessandra Iduarte, Central, 6:20.94.

100-yard backstroke: Cassiana Escalera, Brawley, 1:08.75 CIFC. Alex Zaragoza, Southwest, 1:13.02. Alyssa Luna, Imperial, 1:21.45.

100-yard breaststroke: Adisyn Duarte, Central, 1:16.23 CIFC. Ryan Dickerson, Brawley, 1:21.55. Bianca Prieto, Southwest, 1:22.87.