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American Legion Bradley-Keffer Post Cmdr. Carlos Zaragoza speaks during the Memorial Day event in Holt Park in Holtville on May 31. | CATHI PHILLIPS LARIOS PHOTO

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Post Cmdr. Reflects on Memorial Day

Carlos Zaragoza, American Legion post commander

I would like to take a moment to comment on Memorial Day (May 31) held in Holtville, USA. It was truly a city effort to honor our fallen. The day began way before daybreak with planning by the city manager, Nick Wells. Mr. Wells put the program together using local volunteers with ties to our community.  

Karen Gibbs with the American Legion auxiliary sold poppies in front of the Chamber of Commerce to raise funds for the Legion and veterans.  

Coach Jason Turner and the Holtville Vikings fell out at 5 a.m. to place American flags throughout our city. And were available to retire them at dusk. Coach Turner and the crew have been doing this voluntarily for the last several years.     

Rosie Allegranza and the 4-H went to our cemetery and placed flags on the graves of our fallen. And the American Legion Post No. 138 was present and accounted for, as was our local law enforcement, Fred Miramontes and Fire Department Chief Alex Silva, and county Supervisor Ray Castillo.  

Our mayor, Mike Goodsell, read the names of the fallen and Legionnaire Perfecto Gurule rang the  bell. As the names were read, one could recognize the surnames. They were people from our community, and if the names were familiar, it is because their relatives still live in Holtville.  

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic — we needed this. Memorial Day, a day set aside to honor our fallen also brought us together as a city.  

Carlos Zaragoza is the commander of the American Legion Bradley-Keffer Post No. 138.